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FAQs - Nanny Tax & Childcare questions



Why is Royal Nannies different

We are the only childcare recruitment agency who doesn't settle on second best! We registers nannies who have:


  • STRICTLY a minimum of 5 years childcare experience with checkable references (rather than just the usual 2 years) or 3 years experience and suitable childcare qualification.
  • If they can't provide refrences to our clients - they won't get registered!
  • Nannies need to have an excellent level of spoken English
  • All our nannies need to be non smokers
  • All our nannies need to have valid VISA / work permit
  • All of our nannies and maternity nurses need to be CRB checked or willing to undergo one when joining our agency


What do I have to do when I become an employer?

Domestic employers have the same legal obligations as commercial employers under UK employment law. If you employ a nanny and pay them above the weekly threshold (£105 in tax-year 08/09), you are legally required to register with HMRC as an employer and operate a PAYE scheme on their behalf.


Do you recomend any nanny-payroll services?

Yes - it makes is so much easier for both - families and nannies. We would highly recommend using either Way2Paye or NannyTax both specializing in pay-roll for nannies.


How do I pay my nanny's tax and NI?

As a small employer you can pay monthly or every three months using a slip from your scheme payment booklet provided by HMRC. When you use Payroll services, they will do these calculations for you, based on the information you give them with regards to the hours your nanny works and her rate of pay.


What if I don't register and just keep quiet about it?

Not declaring employment, or only declaring part of your nanny’s salary, to avoid tax, is a criminal offence, which can potentially result in heavy penalties and career–damaging publicity.


Why can't my nanny do this herself?

Self-employment is not an option as nannies do not meet the HMRC criteria for self-employment. If liability to pay tax is not declared to HMRC, and this comes to light, then it is you, the employer, and not your nanny, who will be pursued for payment.


What should I do as an employer with a PAYE scheme?

  • Register as an employer
  • Set up and operate a PAYE scheme on your nanny’s behalf
  • Keep tax records on her behalf
  • Provide your nanny with regular payslips
  • Provide her with an employment contract
  • Pay regular income tax and NI contributions
  • Pay employer’s NI contributions
  • File an employer’s annual tax return


What is the gross salary I’ll have to pay for my nanny?

Please see the nanny tax calculator to calculate the total cost of hiring a nanny.

Childcare FAQs


How long does the process take from registration to finding the right nanny?

It depends on how many suitable applicants are available for the family's start date and also meet the family's requirements. It can happen as quickly as a couple of days, or as long as a couple of months depending on who is available and finding the right match.


Where do your nannies come from?

Royal nannies place nannies from various countries including the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Philippines, and the US.


What is the agency's placement fee?

Please check the agency fees section



What type of duties are nannies willing to do?

It is variable depending on the family's needs, typically there are three categories:


  • Nursery duty nanny – which includes all nursery duties related to the children, children's laundry, children's meals, keeping the children's areas, the kitchen and common areas tidy and organized
  • Nanny/Housekeeper – All of the above with additional housekeeping duties, which may vary depending on the families requirements.
  • Nanny/house-manager – The nanny is also responsible for running the household, e.g. arranging for repair people, PA staff, errands, grocery shopping etc.


Are the nannies First Aid trained?

Most nannies have a current first aid certificate; if the certificate has expired we usually suggest that the nanny takes a course to update the certificate.


How do we set up an interview if we live overseas?

Royal nannies will help you set up a telephone interview and will also provide you with useful nanny interview questions so you don't miss anything important. You can also invite your nanny for a face to face interview, however all her travel expenses will need to be covered.


Will there be a contract between nanny and family?

Once a nanny has accepted a position, Royal Nannies will assist the family in putting together a contact to ensure that everything is clear in the beginning and there are no misunderstandings.


Who can help with nanny payroll system?

We would highly recommend using Way2Paye or NannyTax. Don't forget to mention Royal Nannies when signing up for their services to receive a little Thank you form us.