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What can they do for you??


Help you lose weight, become fitter and healthier... and, in the process, look way better!

Whether you want to lose weight, slim down, run a marathon or simply get toned and feel fit - Royal Personal Trainers are the most effective route to achieving your goals.


With years of experience of developing tailored programmes for all shapes and sizes of men and women. Every programme starts with a detailed Lifestyle and Fitness assessment to make sure your programme will be unique and designed to fit your needs. How you live and what you eat have a direct impact on your health, so nutrition assessment is the first step to developing your calibrated programme.


Please note that our personal trainers are available ONLY FOR OVERSEAS FAMILIES, on permanent basis and they will require their accomodation + food allowance in addition to their salary of £900 - £1500 per week.


Please give us a call to discuss your needs.


Are you an excellent personal trainer wanting to be based overseas?


Are you qualified, experienced with proven results and looking for a new exciting job abroad? We want to meet you!

Please email us your CV and a photo.

Thank you!