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Live-out Permanent Daily Nanny in the South Kensington

Children: Girl
4 months
3 years old
Looking for: Nanny
Salary offered: £50,000 gross to £60,000 gross per annum
Start at: ASAP
Live in/Live out: Live out
Location of employment: South Kensington SW
Employment Basis:
Language requirements: English - native level German
Working hours: M-F (40-50 hours per week)

Detailed description of the job

We are currently seeking a live-out Permanent Daily Nanny to begin immediately in the South Kensington, SW London area. This role involves caring for two children: a 3-year-old boy and a 4-month-old baby girl. The position is entirely in sole charge of the children.

The weekly working hours for this role will fall between 40 and 50 hours, from Monday to Friday, offering flexibility within a consistent schedule. It's important to note that possessing a driver's license is not a necessity, and there will be no need for holiday travel. Additionally, the family employs a part-time cleaner to assist with household tasks.

Both children are in a state of contentment and good health, with the eldest boy attending nursery. The nanny's daily routine will encompass looking after the baby during the morning and early afternoon, coinciding with the nursery hours, and subsequently focusing on the toddler during the mid to late afternoon. This includes organizing a range of stimulating activities and handling the nursery pick-up.

Language skills hold significant importance to us, particularly a proficiency in German, as they have a strong desire for their children to acquire this language. 

They  are seeking a responsible and nurturing nanny with a solid understanding of infant care and developmental milestones. Your role will involve enriching the baby's development through educational games and activities while facilitating their physical and social growth. Effective communication and kindness are essential qualities they  value, in addition to fostering creativity and engaging play to ensure a fulfilling experience for their toddler.