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Temporary nanny needed - Europe /USA/ Qatar +/- 6 months

Children: Boy
12 months old
Looking for: Holiday Nanny
Salary offered: 24h/6days a week
Start at: 3 June 2024
Driver: No, we do not need a driver
Live in/Live out: Live in
Location of employment: EU / US travel / Qatar
Employment Basis: Temporary (Less than 6 months)
Language requirements: English - fluent level
Working hours: 24/6 for 6 months

Detailed description of the job

We're in search of a dedicated temporary holiday nanny prepared to provide round-the-clock care for a duration of approximately 6 months this coming summer. While the precise dates are still pending, we anticipate starting in early June for a period of +/- 6 months. The ideal candidate will embody positivity, adaptability, and a cheerful demeanor, ready to offer 24/6 support. Their son, at his current age, typically enjoys uninterrupted sleep throughout the night, which means active duties are expected to span no more than 12 hours daily. He also takes two daily naps, lasting about 1.5 to 2 hours each, allowing for some downtime. Usually their son wakes up at 7am and goes to bed around 7pm (of course with naps during the day) and he’s in his crawling phase - assuming walking will be soon. The nanny must be comfortable to share the room with their boy during travel (since evening care is also required), an own room will be provided in Qatar. They require the nanny's presence throughout, including overnight or when they plan to spend an evening out. The nanny must possess an EU passport, enabling unrestricted travel. If you're capable of this level of flexibility and can commit to the full 6-month duration, we encourage you to apply now.