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Bilingual nannies

Royal Nannies specializes in placing Bilingual Nannies (French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Mandarin etc) in London and overseas. A bilingual nanny is very useful where English is not the first language of the family, where you wish to give a child fluency in a second language, or where the family is itself bilingual. Bilingual Nanny provided by Royal Nannies would have a minimum of 5 years of childcare experience and may also hold childcare qualifications. 

Working hours for bilingual nannies

Duties of a bilingual nanny

Bilingual Nanny salary

Salary of your bilingual nanny will depend upon age, experience, and the duties involved and will range from £500 - £600+ net per week. Please note those are only guide minimums. Each position is individually negotiated and more experienced bilingual nannies may command higher salaries.

And what are your responsibilites as an employer?


Languages our Bilingual nannies speak: Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian speaking nannies and more....


Royal nannies London have a vast range of bilingual and multilingual nannies, governesses and other domestic staff. Our bilingual nannies are qualified experienced professionals. Whether you need a nanny, governess, ninera, nounou, pestunka or kinderfrau, Royal Nannies – the London Bilingual Childcare agency will provide you with the most professional service.

We have bilingual nannies available in locations such as:

UAE / Cairo / Paris / Milan / Rome / Dubai / Madrid / Jeddah / Jordan / Turkey / Geneva / Chelsea / Moscow / Bermuda / Caribbean / Barcelona / Abu Dhabi / Riyadh / Kuwait / Kensington / Switzerland / Knightsbridge / Regents Park / Cayman Islands / Ankara / Istanbul / London nannies / Chiswick / Islington /Hampstead / Holland park / Marylebone and more.